Who we are:

Parakeeto helps digital, creative, and professional services agencies run more profitably through consulting and software. We are established thought leaders in the area of best practice concepts and metrics for agency profitability, and work directly with small agencies looking to enhance their businesses performance.

Our small distributed team serves agencies from all over the world, primarily in North America, looking for help getting better insights into their operations and profitability.

The Role:

Over the past 4 years we have developed and hardened our conceptual framework, and today provide powerful insights and reports to our customers that are built on top of these concepts.

As we look to the future, we are looking to create the next generation of our data processing and reporting infrastructure, to allow us to scale better, serve our customers more effectively, and potentially provide our platform to other partners. We are looking to onboard a new part time resource to help build out this next generation of our systems.

You’ll work closely with our CTO implementing a world class data engineering platform utilizing modern technologies and industry best practices, building both to deliver immediate value to our customers as well as a strong technology and infrastructure foundation for the future.

This role is flexible in terms of its scope and design. We're open to contract, part-time, or full-time arrangements. An ideal candidate can begin on a contract basis to validate there is a good mutual fit, before ramping to a full-time role.

What the role will look like:

  • An opportunity to take on a backend infrastructure and data engineering role with exposure to a wide range of software engineering & design challenges.
  • Being a core member of a small and agile team.
  • Having the opportunity to implement modern best practices both in terms of technology, as well as in terms of process.


These are some examples of experience we think will be important for someone to be successful in the role, but if these don’t match and you think you could succeed in this role please still throw an application our way!

  • Using best practice technologies and processes for team collaboration, such as version control, code review, agile processes, test driven development, and continuous integration.
  • Interactive and incremental development of a system, with continuous feedback from stakeholders. Balancing immediate delivery of feedback with modular and extensible development.
  • Independently learning new technologies, including evaluating off-the-shelf libraries to drive decisions on when to build, and when to use an existing tool or library.
  • Strong independent execution against clear requirements, with the ability to request clarity or support when needed.
  • A relevant degree is nice (Comp Sci, Software Engineering, etc.), but is not required and isn’t as important as relevant experience.

Bonus / Nice to Have Experience:

These are some other skills and experience that would be handy assets to have, but that we don’t believe are necessary for the role

  • Familiarity with modern front-end frameworks such as React, or Vue, in case some front-end development is required at times.
  • Experience working with python data engineering tools, such as Pandas notebooks, and Pandas.
  • Experience with data visualization and communication.
  • Experience working with Google Sheets (in terms of more powerful data reporting tasks)

Location & Hours:

As a remote team, this role is location-independent and can be filled from anywhere in the world. Our current team is primarily Canada based with team members in Halifax NS, Charlottetown PEI, and Edmonton AB.

How to Apply:

Fill out the application on Breezy HR and submit a 1 min video along with your cover letter explaining why you're interested in the role.